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YTD Adhesive tape applying and die cutting machine for PCB


Adhesive cutting and applying for Flex PCB Assembly

Suitable for 3M, Tesa, Kapton, High temperature adhesive, Pressure sensitive adhesive, PI electromagnetic shielding film, etc

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    • Machine Benifits:

      1. Wide range of application: 3M/ Tesa/ Kapton high temperature adhesive/ Pressure sensitive adhesive etc

      2. Tape cutting and applying fulfilled synchronously, high precision, high efficient, 10 times as skilled workers.

      3. Release film stripped off automatically.

      4. Servo motor and high pressure cylinder guarantee punching quality.

      5. High punching/applying speed 0.28 - 0.5 sec per time

      6. Repeatability accuracy ±0.005mm

      7. High accuracy ±0.07mm (High pixel smart camera to locate marks precisely)

      8. High precision mute type grinding screw guide to guarantee accuracy.

      9. Self-development control System can be customized as per your requirements, easy to operate.


      The Z pindle driving power
      The X,Y Spindle driving power
      The screw guide rail
      High precision mute type grinding screw guide
      Products' laminating accuracy
      Laminating speed
      0.28-0.5 seconds per time
      Applicable FPC size
      Min:50*50MM  Max:270*400mm (Customizable)
      Applicable adhesive size
      Min:0.8*3mm  MAX:30*100mm
      AC220V   3.0KW
      Air supply
      The weight of a machine

      About 600 kg

      Dimension 1200*1000*1720mm

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